How to Get Your Dog to Stop Pulling on the Leash


If you’ve ever been dragged down the road after a squirrel or fought with a dog who was barking and lunging on what was supposed to be a relaxing afternoon walk—you know the pain of having a pet who pulls on the leash. It’s dangerous for the dog, it makes your walk highly stressful, and beyond that, it can be totally embarrassing! When a dog doesn’t walk peacefully and safely on the leash, they endanger themselves and limit the size of their world. Who wants to take a dog who doesn’t walk politely out to the park or down a forest trail? And if you’ve got kids, it’s a no-brainer. The dog who can’t walk nicely stays home. And what kind of quality of life is that for your furry friend? If you’ve got a dog that pulls on the leash and want to experience better communication and peaceful walks, training is the best place to start.

How Can I Train My Dog to Walk on Leash without Pulling?

Dogs are complicated creatures, and just like you and I, each dog is unique. Like us, they have their own unique temperament, motivations, and preferences. One dog may be lunging on the leash because they are too excited to smell the next new smell or pee on the next big post. Another dog may be pulling because they are anxious. Still another may be yanking on the leash because a squirrel activated their prey drive. To those of us who haven’t gone to dog training school, it can be near impossible to figure out what’s causing your dog to behave this way. Without proper education, it’s hard for owners to choose the right lead to use, or the right collar for their pet. Even if you can get your dog to stop lunging after squirrels, you never know when a cat will enter their field of view and start the whole process over again! Even if you find a YouTube tutorial that coaches you through the process, training is not one-size-fits all process. Dogs are all as unique as we are, and they need a qualified trainer to assess their motivation and communication style and choose the best tools to help you achieve your goal.  

Our advice for how to get your dog to stop pulling on the lead? Consult a qualified trainer.
Kim's K-9 Trainer walks a retriever-lab mix comfortably through a busy store with a loose leash
Kim's K-9 Dog Trainer Walking a Dog on a Loose Lead

What Trainers Do Differently

We can’t speak for all trainers, but at Kim’s K-9, each program is built around the unique needs of your dog and the goals you have for training. We will consult with you, get to know you and your dog, and create a custom training program to train the skills you’d like to see. Our knowledgeable trainers understand dog psychology, special breed requirements, and how to tailor our training programs to suit each family and each furry friend.  We can also tailor our programs to people with children, people who require assistance like a cane to walk, folks who often push strollers, or people who want their dog to learn to walk nicely hands-free on private property (through the Advanced Off-Leash training program). No matter what your goals are, a qualified trainer with personal, one-on-one attention can help you reach them.

If you’d like to get your dog to stop pulling on the leash, barking on a walk, or with other skills like “sit,” “wait,” or “leave it!” You’ve come to the right place. You can explore our training options or contact us today for a custom training package to take your walks from extreme frustration to relaxation.