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A happy, tired dog during play time at Kim's K-9's boarding and daycare facilityA small dog plays on a slide in the Tiny Tots outdoor play area at the Kim's K-9 daycare facility

They Get Better at Bootcamp

Is your dog pulling, barking, digging, jumping, or ignoring commands? Do you say “sit... sit... SIT!” more times per day than you care to recall? Whether you’re looking to train up new skills, get a healthy training baseline, or work on bad habits that your pet may have acquired, we’re here to help.

Our “play” away bootcamp is 4-weeks of fun, enrichment, and most importantly, training for your furry family member. This dog training package takes advantage of our boarding program to give your pet maximum exposure to our staff and professional trainers. From play time to training time, your pet will receive personalized attention and learn real-world, applicable skills to keep your dog safe and make them a joy to be around.

Contact us today and tell us a little about your furry friend and your training goals to learn more and get a custom quote for your personalized training program.

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What skills are taught in the Kim's K-9 Bootcamp Program?

The best dog training programs are carefully tailored to the dog (and people) who are being trained! Each of our training programs are custom-built with your family, your training goals, and your availability in mind. For example, the training program we construct for a dog in a single-pet, adults-only home will be different from the program we create for a dog in a home with small children and cats. The following are skills we train in most bootcamp programs:

  • Sit (until released)
  • Down (until released)
  • Wait (until released)
  • Not jumping up
  • A close “heel” walk
  • Multiple forms of recall (such as “come”)
  • “Place” (until released)
  • “Leave it"

And other skills related to your home and training goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is bootcamp training for?

Bootcamp dog training is a great option for anyone who wants their dog to have a good head start or an excellent baseline for training. With Bootcamp, your pet will have the greatest exposure possible to our professional training staff, as well as multiple enrichment opportunities each day. Our entire staff works to reinforce the new skills your dog will learn, such as waiting at doorways, recall, sitting until released, and more. When dogs leave our bootcamp program, they are at their highest possible level of behavior.

How much does bootcamp training cost?

Because each of our programs is uniquely tailored to your pet and your training goals, the cost is also customized to each pet and family. The best way to find out how much training will cost is to contact us and tell us a little bit about your pet and your training goals. We’ll reach back with a custom quote!

What other training options are available?

The best way to find the right training option for your goals and family situation is to send us an email or give us a call! Our training team are experts at matching dogs to the training program that will fit them best.

More Training Options

If bootcamp doesn't sound like the right fit for you, you can also check out our Day Training and Private Training options. Or, if your dog is under 8 months old, start them out on the right paw with Puppy Kindergarten.

Bootcamp Reviews

After the first 4 days of training we already had a new dog. By new dog I mean, the same adorable happy pup, with manners. Imagine that! He has now been trained to sit, down, wait, stay, and many many other useful communications I can use to keep me and my dog safe.

Jenna Geier
's human

Kim’s K-9 was a lifesaver. The 4-week Bootcamp experience gave her a strong foundation that I could easily follow once she was home. Both my dogs are great advertisement for Kim’s K9!

Kristin Kemppanien
's human

They were wonderful with quick and clear communication. Between the excellent service, the superior care they provide, and the low prices, Kim’s K-9 is most definitely the place to bring your pups.

Madra Likkel
's human

We have used Kim’s K-9 for training and boarding now for 3 different dogs. They are amazing!!! We never hesitate to board our dog knowing she will get playtime, attention, and be cared for the whole time. I can’t imagine NOT using them!!!

Mary Cook
's human

We took our 4 yr old rescue that had ZERO training and were able to turn her into a well-behaved pup in only a few weeks. The training they gave to her humans cemented all the work they had done and now we have a very happy family.

Natascha Myers
's human

We did the overnight Bootcamp for them, and we are so thankful. A huge part of the training is the willingness and training of us, the owners. They really know dogs and the science and psychology behind training them/figuring out their behaviors.

Gretchen Dutcher
Gus & Jaq
's human