A happy, tired dog during play time at Kim's K-9's boarding and daycare facilityA small dog plays on a slide in the Tiny Tots outdoor play area at the Kim's K-9 daycare facility
Daycare & Boarding
Unleashing Genuine Joy.

We love your dogs, and we know the feeling is mutual.

Grand Rapids Daycare & Boarding

Your Dog's Happy Place

Our Daycare and Boarding services are built around giving your pet the enrichment and socialization they need to come home tired, happy, and healthy. Our facilities are clean, well-maintained, and all of our clients keep their pets’ vaccines up to date to ensure the safety of the pets in our care.

A happy corgi mix enjoying daycare at Kim's K-9's boarding facility

Doggy Daycare

Excited Dogs Enter, Tired Dogs Head Home!

Dogs in our daycare program are divided into play areas by size and play style to keep everyone safe and provide opportunities for socialization.

Monitored play time and rest time by professional staff
Rigorous cleaning and vaccine schedules for healthy, happy pups
Indoor and outdoor play spaces available (weather-dependent)

Even timid or anxious dogs can enjoy a day of play at Kim’s K-9. We start every dog with a free introduction day to get to know their unique temperament and play style to find the right play space for them. Puppies who go through our Puppy Kindergarten training and socialization program will be especially likely to enjoy group play.

Kim's Family Discount

Our daycare costs are always fair, but they’re even lower for pups who have graduated from one of our Training Programs through Kim’s K-9 Family Discount.

Dog Boarding

Playtime or Rest time, it’s the Best Time!

It’s not easy to leave your furry family member in a strange place for a few days, that’s why at Kim’s, we aren’t strangers! Our staff knows your dog by name and learns all of  the quirks and qualities of your dog that make them unique.

Monitored play time by professional Staff
Private kennel for resting
Food and medication administered by staff at your pet’s usual schedule

As with daycare, any dogs who are first-time boarders will visit the kennel for one trial day to discover their unique play style and find the best play space for them.

A smiling golden retriever poses with a toy while monitored by trained staff
Boarding & Daycare Add-Ons

Extras for Enrichment

Dogs who are staying for daycare or boarding are eligible for unique enrichment add-ons that are purely additional! Pets in our care get all the enrichment they need from playing with their friends and with our dedicated staff members, but we do offer add-ons for families who want to give their furry friend a little bonus enrichment during their stay.

Personal Play Time & Report Card
Adventure Excursions on the PAWty bus
Continued Education for Kim’s K-9 Trained Dogs
Fit Paws Stimulation Course
Confidence Course
Nose Work
Snacks and Special Treats

Plus Seasonal Add-ons, such as Holiday Photos & Holiday Dinners!


Wags, Woofs, and Laughs from our Friends

My dog loves it here. He always comes home tired which is a huge win. This is the third doggie day care we have tried and in my opinion it is the best bang for your buck.

Brooke Koning
's human

We have used Kim’s K-9 for training and boarding now for 3 different dogs. They are amazing!!! We never hesitate to board our dog knowing she will get playtime, attention, and be cared for the whole time. I can’t imagine NOT using them!!!

Mary Cook
's human

This is the best doggy daycare in GR or the surrounding area. If you think of your dog as family, then this is the only place you can rely on to take care of him/her.

Joe Rosales
's human

Bruce goes to daycare and he loves it and so do we. The staff is always so helpful and so kind it makes you feel good knowing that you’re leaving your pup in such good hands with everyone at Kim’s.

Kelsey Nebbeling
's human

This is an interactive daycare! They oversee, intervene, and train my six-month-old pup all day long during play, mealtime, rest time. The staff are trained, interested, engaged, and professional. Our dog receives shaping every single day at Kim’s K-9!

Michelle Karlander
's human

They were wonderful with quick and clear communication. Between the excellent service, the superior care they provide, and the low prices, Kim’s K-9 is most definitely the place to bring your pups.

Madra Likkel
's human

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my dog do while boarding at Kim’s K-9?

At Kim’s, we provide dogs with a balance of play time and rest time. Dogs enjoy 4-6 hours of supervised play time with our staff, who oversee, interact, and intervene with the dogs as needed. When they’re not playing, each dog has a cozy, private kennel where rest after romping with their friends! Meal times and amounts and medications are provided as needed per your instructions at drop-off. Please provide food in a hard plastic or metal container. If desired, or if no food is provided, dogs will be given IAMS for a $5/day charge.

What are your holiday/peak rates?

We have several very busy weeks for boarding dogs here at the kennel, subject to a slightly increased rate of $54/night, and we will require a 50% deposit to hold your dog’s spot. Peak weeks at Kim’s are: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break/Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July week, and Labor Day.

Note that boarding passes are not eligible for peak dates.

How are the dogs divided into rooms?

We have four play groups at Kim’s for everyone’s safety: Rowdy Rompers (which is just what it sounds like) Mighty Mediums, Balance Buddies, and Tiny Tots. Some medium-sized dogs with a more rambunctious play style will go to the Rowdy Rompers room, but for the most part they are split up by size. Though some small dogs can certainly handle playing with the “big kids,” it can pose a safety risk for the small dogs if the big dogs get too excited. For their safety, dogs under 20 lbs are sorted into their own group, and have equal access to both indoor and outdoor play.

How much does boarding and daycare cost?

Our costs change occasionally, so contacting us is the best way to get a firm answer. If you are a current customer, you can also check current prices on the Gingr app. At this time, daycare is $33/day and boarding is $49/night plus $27 for an extra day of playtime beyond a 24 hour stay. With the Kim’s K-9 family discount, the rate for daycare drops to $29 per day.

What is the Daycare VIP Program?

The Daycare VIP Program is a new monthly subscription program for our regular daycare and boarding attendees to get a little extra TLC beyond the woofs, wags, and laughs we already give to every furry friend in our care. The cost if $50/month, and includes priority reservations, $5 discounts on baths, a monthly themed photoshoot (digital release), a weekly Special Treat, and report cards Monday through Friday containing a photo or video of your dog playing for all daycare reservations. Message us for more info!

Do you offer grooming?

While we don’t offer grooming, we do offer baths! We especially recommend baths for dogs staying more than a few days, as all of their time spent running, wrestling, and romping with their friends can leave your pup slobbery and stinky! Ask a staff member or choose the add-on in the Gingr app to get your furry friend smelling squeaky clean before their ride home. Baths at Kim's are $15, and are towel-dry only.

What do I need to do before daycare or boarding?

First and foremost, your dog needs to enjoy group play. We will ascertain what your dog’s play style is and if they are a good fit for the social opportunities we offer here at Kim’s on your free trial day. Secondly, but of equal importance, your dog must be fully vaccinated per our vaccination standards. You can have your vet email or fax us the vaccination confirmation. Finally, we require a reservation. If you are boarding for an extended period, or over the holidays, we recommend reserving your spot early as slots fill up quickly.

Does my dog have to go through training to get into daycare or boarding?

No, your dog does not have to go through our training program or any training program, as long as their play style and temperament is a good fit for what we offer here at Kim’s. However, dogs that do go through our training will receive the benefit of the Kim’s K-9 Family Discount, AND our staff shapes dogs in line with our training program every day. For example, when dogs in our care have learned “sit” and “wait” in our training program, we ask them to “wait” at each open door to help maintain that training. As a bonus, it keeps everyone safe and prevents bolting through open doors!

My dog is not social, is this a place for them to get socialized?

No, daycare and boarding are not a good place to “socialize” an antisocial dog. Some dogs just don’t like other dogs, and that’s okay. If your dog falls into that category, they may benefit from some of the training programs at Kim’s, but will not likely benefit from daycare or boarding. Contact us to discuss any concerns you may have.

What is the Pooch Pass?

The Pooch Pass is a unique boarding discount pass which can be purchased at the front desk or on the Gingr app. This pass allows our beloved clients to purchase 10 daycare or boarding days ahead of time and receive the 11th day free. Contact us for more info!