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Train by Day, Home by Night

Professional training for dogs (and humans)

A happy, tired dog during play time at Kim's K-9's boarding and daycare facilityA small dog plays on a slide in the Tiny Tots outdoor play area at the Kim's K-9 daycare facility

Train the Day Away with Day Training

Professional dog training is the best investment you can make in your furry friend. Whether you’re looking to set a training baseline for a new pet, to introduce some new skills for an already trained pup, or to break bad habits your dog may have acquired, our trainers can help.

Our day training program is very similar to our bootcamp training program, but your pet comes home at night and over the weekends. Where bootcamp is a four-week "play" away training program that uses our boarding services, day training is a three-week program that uses our daycare services. In both cases, your pet gets dedicated time with our trainers to break bad habits and build new skills. Our full staff is also dedicated to helping cement new skills, such as holding "sit" until released or waiting at doorways.

Once per week with day training, you’ll visit with one of our professional trainers to receive education on what your dog has learned and how you can maintain their new behaviors at home.

Sign Up for Day TrainingQuestions About Day Training?

What skills are taught in the Kim's K-9 Day Training program?

Like all of our training programs, Day Training is uniquely tailored to the dog (and people) who are being trained. Before we get started training your furry friend, we will get to know you, your goals, your family, and your availability to create a custom program that will work best for you and your pet. Our custom approach helps us to tailor our training program to each family’s unique situation. The following are skills you can expect your pet to learn in most day training programs:

  • Sit (until released)
  • Down (until released)
  • Wait (until released)
  • Not jumping up
  • A close “heel” walk
  • Multiple forms of recall (such as “come”)
  • “Place” (until released)
  • “Leave it”

We may also add other skills depending on your home dynamics and training goals.

Who is day training for?

Day training is a good fit for families who want to have their furry friend home at night and on the weekends, and who want to have more involvement in their dog’s training. For their best chance at excellent behavior, everyone who spends time with your dog will need to follow the program. For example, if your dog has learned to sit until released at the kennel, they need to sit until released at home—even if you are used to asking them to sit and let them get up at their leisure.

How much does day training cost?

Because each of our programs is uniquely tailored to your pet and your training goals, the cost is also customized to each pet and family. The best way to find out how much training will cost is to contact us and tell us a little bit about your pet and your training goals. We’ll reach back with a custom quote!

What other training options are available?

The best way to find the right training option for your goals and family situation is to send us an email or give us a call! Our training team are experts at matching dogs to the training program that will fit them best.

More Training Options

If day training doesn’t sound like the right fit for you and your furry friend, you can also check out our Bootcamp or Private Training options. Or, if your dog is under 8 months old, start them out on the right paw with our Puppy Kindergarten class!

Day Training Reviews

After the first 4 days of training we already had a new dog. By new dog I mean, the same adorable happy pup, with manners. Imagine that! He has now been trained to sit, down, wait, stay, and many many other useful communications I can use to keep me and my dog safe.

Jenna Geier
's human

We enrolled our 8 month old stubborn, dominant Golden Retriever puppy in the day training program after trying other trainers with no success. Needless to say we should've gone to Kim's K-9 from the start. THANK YOU Martha and Kim's K9 for giving us a truly life changing experience with our now obedient, loving, pup.

Jenna VanDusen
's human

We took our 4 yr old rescue that had ZERO training and were able to turn her into a well-behaved pup in only a few weeks. The training they gave to her humans cemented all the work they had done and now we have a very happy family.

Natascha Myers
's human

We have done Puppy Kindergarten, day camp, and now the three week day training program. Kim's has amazing staff and our dog loves being there.

Teresa Robertson
's human

We took our boy Bruce to Kim’s K9 for day training with Martha and we cannot say enough great things about the training!

Kelsey N
's human

So glad we committed to this training program! We did the day training and our boy learned so much and has come so far. Thanks Sam and the whole team for their hard work!

Jordan Hagedon
's human