Welcome to the Kim's K-9 family! 

Our hope is to become a trusted part of your dog's boarding, daycare and training needs. 

Your dog is lucky to have you as a "parent" and to be born in a society that truly appreciates them for the incredible gift they are.  We want our dogs to enjoy life and have dog friends so we take them to dog parks, kennels, day cares, family outings and other public venues. This exposure is awesome, but with it comes a risk of a virus. Unless you keep your dog isolated, it isn't really a question of IF your dog may pick up a virus, but when. Because of our strict vaccine requirements, any virus is usually a minor nuisance and seems to have the added benefit of giving your dog immunity. 

BEFORE your dog can participate in any of our services, we must have an enrollment form and a copy of your dog's most current vaccine record from your vet on file.  Click the links below to get started!

New Client Information

  1. The Enrollment Form provides us with basic information about you and your dog, and outlines the Kim’s K-9 policies. Owners must read, understand and agree to the policies provided. This online version will get you in the door;  however, you will be asked to fill out a hard copy the first time you visit and to initial and sign where asked.  
  2. The Vaccination Requirements must be understood . For safety reasons, NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED INTO THE KENNEL WITHOUT MEETING ALL FOUR VACCINE REQUIREMENTS.

Please have your veterinarian fax your dog’s current vaccine status to us at

(616) 575-3360.