Does your dog:

Pull on the leash? Lunge after squirrels, kids or cats?  Chew up your favorite things?  Play keep away?  Escape through doors? Jump on guests?  BARK?

Is your dog: 

Hyperactive? Out of control? Frustrating? Embarrassing?

Or, do you have a new puppy and wish to avoid all of the above?

Having a dog is supposed to be fun!

It CAN be.

It WILL be.

This is our promise to you. 

We train your dog to understand the things he or she needs to know to become the dog you want; Fun. Controlled. Obedient. Mannered.  A true companion you will be proud to take places, show off and call your best friend. 

Contact us today and tell us about your dog!

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You want to enjoy life with your dog.  Your dog wants to enjoy life with you.  Click here for information on how to make that a reality.



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Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Our staff is dedicated to you and your dog. We are dog people serving dog people.

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Our daycare program is designed to make the most out of the hours you are gone during the day.  Our motto is "a tired dog is a good dog." 

Our boarding program is your dogs home away from home.  He/she has a blast and you can relax, knowing the best care is being given to your best friend.

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