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Has your dog ever attempted to escape a fenced in or confined area? If YES, PLEASE CONSIDER YOUR DOGS PARTICIPATION CAREFULLY. We have made reasonable attempts to prevent escape, but will not be held responsible for a dog that is truly determined to leave our facility. *
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The staff at Kim’s K-9 is committed to working with you to add to, and improve, your dogs overall enjoyment of being what he is; A DOG! Each staff member is the owner of multiple dogs and have made it their mission to help owners & their dogs to improve their lives together. Although our programs come with some inherent risks (dogs do, after all, play with their teeth), our success is evident by the hundreds of clients who continue to use our services even as their needs change and new puppies join their families. We believe that the benefits certainly out weigh the risks!

This however, is a personal decision you need to make. This contract simply states that you have made an informed decision. Our interactive programs work on your whole dog. The exercise he receives makes him physically healthier and cuts down on hyperactivity and behaviors such as excessive chewing, digging, and barking. In addition, the socialization of having doggie friends of his own makes him happier. If you have any concerns at any point whether your dog is suitable for the programs offered at Kim’s K-9, please consult a staff member.

We spend all of our day interacting with your dog, and cleaning & disinfecting his play areas. Even with all the cleaning we do, your dog may still get dirty or pick up a kennel odor. If you would like your dog bathed before you pick him up, give us a call and we will do so for a small fee if possible. We also have a deodorizer available in the lobby that we can spray your dog with to help with any odor problem.

Kim's K-9 Terms of Service

I, as the dog owner, certify that to the best of my knowledge, my dog is free of all possible contagious conditions and has been for at least 30 days. These conditions include, but are not limited to, any type of canine cough, uncontrolled diarrhea or unexplained vomiting, worms, parasites, and/or fleas. I understand that there is a certain amount of stress on a dogs body with 6-8 hours of play a day. Until the dog becomes “fit”, this stress sometimes results in a lowered immune system, and more susceptibility to illness. Although this lowered immune system seems to be temporary, it is more obvious in dogs that are seldom boarded or in daycare. If any of these types of conditions occur and a visit to my vet is necessary to get symptoms under control, I will need to get permission from my vet stating that my dog is healthy and can come back safely into an interactive environment. I understand that although Kim’s K-9 takes many precautions to avoid illness coming into the facility, my dog may still become ill and I will not hold the Center responsible for any Vet services required. I certify that I will never knowingly bring my dog into Kim’ K-9 while ill.

I, as the dog owner, certify that my dog is of sound body and is able to participate freely in an interactive, physical environment. Vet. Permission/Exception : A dogs response to conditions such as, but not limited to, old age, hip dysplasia, slipping kneecaps, any type of lameness or surgery to correct any type of lameness, is a completely individual thing and only you and your vet know what your dog and his body can withstand. If there is any question in your mind, please consult your veterinarian before beginning any of our programs. We will try to accommodate slight limitations, but please keep in mind that our program anticipates participation, and we will not be responsible for any subsequent injury, even if you have indicated a limitation. Any limitations on your dogs interaction must be noted EVERY TIME your dog comes in. 

I, as the dog owner, acknowledge that my dog is participating on a probationary status. Permission for participation may be waived at any time, for any reason deemed necessary by the owner of Kim’s K-9, Inc. Depending on the offense, Kims K-9 usually gives the dog “three strikes” before services are terminated. I, as the dog owner, also acknowledge that my dogs play time may be halted at any time if my dogs behavior becomes inappropriate, and I will still be charged for the time my dog is at the center. This will be referred to as a “time out” and may also be considered a “strike”. I also understand that other forms of correction may be used with, or near, my dog, and I leave it to the discretion of the staff to use what they deem both kind but effective. These may include, but aren’t limited to, a squirt gun or an air horn.

I, as the dog owner, certify that my dog has not injured, or tried to injure, any other dog or person. I also understand that Kim’s K-9 relies on the word of the dogs owner and that any changes in the dogs temperament will be brought to the immediate attention of our staff.

I, as the dog owner, understand and agree with the importance of the vaccination schedule set out by Kim’s K-9, and agree to comply. This includes all Vet recommended vaccines IN ADDITION TO THE BORDETELLA VACCINE AND A FECAL STOOL CHECK EVERY 6 MONTHS. I understand that this may not keep my dog from becoming ill, but it is the best I can do to substantially lower the chances of a severe illness. Although Kim’s K-9 will never knowingly admit a dog with worms or fleas, I also understand that the Training Center strongly suggests that I keep my dog on year around heartworm protection that also eradicates any worm that my dog may pick up, and that I keep my dog on year around flea prevention. I also understand that I will be expected to provide proof of all these vaccinations as they are updated or as requested.

Every reasonable effort will be made to insure my dogs safety while at Kim’s K-9, but I as the owner, do understand that there is an inherent risk with interactive programs and little nicks and scratches are not uncommon. If I am the owner of a smooth coated dog (like a Weimaraner or a Boxer), I understand that my dog has less protection than a thicker coated breed and may be more at risk. Dogs play with their mouths and because of this I understand and accept the risks and liability of injury. Kim’s K-9 will strive to put my dog in a group that is compatible with my dogs play style, but dogs can act unpredictably. If at anytime the staff of Kim’s K-9 feel that a vets opinion and treatment is necessary, I understand that an attempt will be made to contact me if time permits. If I cannot be contacted, or it is decided to be an emergency situation, I leave any medical decisions regarding my dogs care to the discretion of the staff at Kim’s K-9, Inc. I also understand I will be expected to reimburse the center for all expenses incurred.

This contract will be considered in effect for the duration of the named dogs involvement with any program at Kim’s K-9. Any new developments in temperament or limitations brought to the staff’s attention or staff “strikes” for your dog will be noted in his/her file. I, as the dog owner, certify that I agree to abide by the rules set forth in the above contract.